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Well Woman Exam Specialist

Jose Medrano, MD

OBGYN located in Burbank, CA

Having a well woman exam is one of the best ways to ensure your health needs are met at different stages of life. Dr. Jose Medrano is a leading provider of well woman visits for women of all ages in Burbank, CA, offering care and treatment tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Well Woman Exam Q & A

What is a well woman visit?

Women’s health needs can change significantly as she gets older and passes through the childbearing years and into menopause. Plus, they can differ dramatically from the health needs of men. Well woman visits are focused on women’s unique and evolving health needs to help identify diseases and risk factors, as well as to provide medical and lifestyle guidance aimed at helping each patient stay healthy. Gynecologists are trained in all aspects of women’s health, and having a well woman visit with a gynecologist is one of the wisest ways to stay healthy at every age.

What happens during a well woman exam?

Well woman exams are similar to “regular” physicals, but they also feature evaluations and tests tailored to a woman’s unique health needs, especially from one stage of life to another. A well woman exam begins with a medical history and a review of any concerns the patient may have, followed by blood pressure and weight measurements. The doctor will gently palpate the belly area to check for any possible signs of tenderness or swelling. A clinical breast exam will be performed, and a pelvic exam also may be performed, along with a Pap test or HPV test. Depending on the woman’s age, specific concerns and risk factors, other tests or health screenings may be performed or prescribed, and guidance will be provided regarding contraception, menopause, sexually-transmitted diseases and healthy lifestyle choices. At the end of the exam, there will be plenty of time for the patient to ask questions about their health-related concerns.

How often should I have a well woman visit?

Well woman exams should be performed every year to provide an ongoing record of the woman’s health and wellness that can help the doctor identify early signs of disease. Plus, having a well woman visit each year is the best way to have important health screenings recommended for women at different ages and for different risk factors. And finally, annual exams also ensure women receive appropriate guidance to help them lead the healthiest lives possible.

What types of contraception services does your practice offer?

Our practice offers a comprehensive array of birth control options, including birth control pills, diaphragms, IUDs (intrauterine devices), Nexplanon implants, NuvaRing, and transdermal birth control patches. We also offer tubal ligations to provide permanent birth control for women who no longer want to have children.